On May 2, 1955, Capitol Drive Lutheran Church ordered Opus 1155 from the Reuter Organ Company of Lawrence, Kansas for its new church building.  The organ is a three-manual instrument, that is, one containing three keyboards or manuals, each with sixty-one notes, and an AGO pedal board with thirty-two notes.  The organ was dedicated to the Glory of God in two dedicatory recitals by E. Power Biggs on November 18, 1956.  Famous organists who have performed on the organ include William Self, Virgil Fox, Jean Langlais, Flor Peeters, Frederick Swann, Paul Manz and many others. The organ today contains forty-one ranks consisting of approximately two thousand four hundred pipes.  These are constructed of wood and metal with the largest more than sixteen feet in height while the smallest is considerably smaller than an ordinary pencil.  Several miles of electrical wiring are necessary to make connections between the console and various parts of the organ. More of CDLC Pipe Organ History Many concerts have been performed on the Reuter Organ – lists and videos are listed on the right.

Repairs and Restoration – Phase I

In 2000, 2001, and 2008, the organ static air reservoir, the gallery reservoir, and the  bellows (wind reservoirs) were re-leathered which included the concussion bellows in both chambers. At the same time as the re-leathering in 2008, the main organ relay was replaced with a Peterson Electro-Musical Diode Matrix Switching Relay. This upgraded our power and properly grounded the power into the organ, which took care of the mysterious registration changes that the organist did not mean to make. More of Phase 1 Restoration

Repairs and Restoration – Phase II

Repairs are now needed to the organ chamber itself.  Phase II will consist of:


Repair of Chamber Walls and Ceilings from Water Damage

Re-voicing and / or Re-Regulating of the Reed Stops (6 Ranks)

Re-Soldering of broken miters in a lower pedal division stops.


Replacement of both Tremulant units Rehabilitation of the Chimes and Harp Learn more about Phase II in the published Executive Summary.

Pipe Organ Fund

Please consider making a donation to the Pipe Organ Restoration Fund. Continued repairs to this pipe organ in an efficient manner will prevent this organ from falling into a state of un-recoverable disrepair.  Your contributions to the organ fund are greatly appreciated. You may donate through PayPal by clicking on the donate button below or sending a check to the church office – Capitol Drive Lutheran Church 5229 W Capitol Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53216.  All contributions are fully tax-deducible as allowed by IRS regulations.

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