Worship @ Capitol Drive Lutheran

Worship is at the center of who we are at Capitol Drive. It is in worship that we come together to praise the one true Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In worship, first we GATHER. We come together from all walks of life, old and young, black and white, life-long Lutheran and first-time visitor… and as we do so, we pray that the Holy Spirit open our hearts to make us one. One, where we are welcomed and blessed to be a blessing.

After we gather, then we hear the WORD. God reveals God’s will for the world through the witness of Scripture. In the hearing of the Word and the proclamation of the gospel through faith-filled preaching, the Holy Spirit work’s the message of God’s love and Christ’s mercy and forgiveness on us.

From the Word, we are sent to the MEAL. Jesus Christ invites everyone who hungers and thirsts to come to His Table of Mercy, where we are filled with Living Water and the Bread of Life. We come seeking forgiveness from God and from each other, and as we share this meal together, we are reminded of how God answers prayer and gives us each day our daily bread, providing us with our daily needs.

But after being filled and fed, then we are SENT. We do not remain inside the walls of the church, but we are told to “Go! Make disciples; baptizing them, and teaching them.” (Matthew 28:19-20) We are called out of the church to love and serve our neighbors. We are sent to be an outpouring of God’s grace in the world and to Sound the Love of Christ (our mission).

In our worship services, you will encounter traditional patterns of worship through the liturgy. We sing the old standard hymns of faith, but we also sing news songs of praise. We invite congregation members to help lead worship as Assisting Ministers, readers, communion assistants, ushers, cross-bearers, and choir members. We celebrate the beauty of God’s love by mirroring that beauty in our space.

If you are hungering and thirsting for a word of peace, forgiveness, and love—join us for worship and Come and See what God is doing in this place!

Worship is at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings. Check announcements for special Sunday events.

Weekday worship is at 11:00 am on fourth Wednesdays or special dates for Ash Wednesday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Check the calendar for exact dates.


In addition to Sunday morning worship, we offer faith formation classes for adults most weeks after worship at 10:45 am.

Adult Education

Each week adults gather in the Lounge after worship to engage in faith formation. Most frequently this comes as Bible study, but sometimes we read newspaper and magazine articles for discussion, or lead conversations about interesting faith/ethics issues. Being in Bible study and prayer with one another is an important part of Christian life and discipleship.